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Father’s Day 2018: A Luxury Gift Guide

For Father's Day 2018, we suggest you go classic with gifting. Luggage that functions as well as it flatters, a kayak modeled on a classic car and stationery that begs for a return to penmanship are just the ticket


Do away with throwaway gifts and buy something that will be cherished for years to come. From a special limited-edition timepiece to state-of-the-art playthings for adventure-seekers and simple, scent-infused luxuries for the home office, there’s the perfect gift out there for a special dad.

Time machine

The dial of the LM SE by MB&F is set against a hand-frosted finish usually associated with antique pocket watches.MB&F doesn’t make watches, it makes machines. The Swiss company recently unveiled the fifth in its series of Legacy Machines—the LM SE. The “SE” stands for “Split Escapement,” a technical idiosyncrasy that allows the signature flying balance wheel (if you love timepieces, you’ll know what this is) to stand alone, floating above the watch face. Under this wheel are three sub-dials displaying the time, the power reserve, and the date. The edition, with an 18-karat white gold case, is limited to just 18 pieces.

Push the boat out
The oars of the Monocoque Paddle Canoe tuck away on the side as a homage to the fins on a Cadillac.Next time you think about sailing off into the sunset, leave the superyacht at home and hop onto BorromeodeSilva’s sleek Monocoque Paddle Canoe. Combining old-world technique with modern materials—including copper woven-carbon fiber that glistens in the sunlight—the streamlined, one-off craft features a hand-laid teak surface and fins, inspired by vintage Cadillacs, on which to store its oars. “We wanted to showcase our ability to mix traditional craftsmanship and highly technical processes and materials,” says the Italian design studio. It is currently working on integrating a small electric motor into the design, which may “take it from a single piece to industrialization.”

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Bags of style
With an unbreakable shell and integrated USB ports, Arlo Skye’s luggage collection takes some of the stress out of international travel.Proof positive that your luggage really can make a statement comes in the shape of Arlo Skye’s latest collaboration, designed with the team behind online tastemakers Sight Unseen. As Arlo Skye’s chief design officer Denielle Wolfe observes: “This is a collection for creatives cruising through cities like Milan for the Salone del Mobile, Miami for Art Basel, or London for the Design Festival.” The pieces, made from lightweight makrolon polycarbonate, feature whisper-quiet wheels, a one-touch opening system, and interior linings by graphic designer Antti Kekki. The carry-on comes with an integrated portable charger with two fast-charging USB ports.  

Electric warrior
The sleek, sporty design of the BMW i8 Roadster is matched by its advanced technical specifications.The open-top, plug-in BMW i8 Roadster hybrid arrived in showrooms this spring, promising sports-car performance coupled with the efficiency of an electric vehicle. The sleek two-seater blends a roadster’s classic stylings with exclusive paintwork colorways, and its digital instrument cluster allows drivers to take advantage of BMW ConnectedDrive. Billed as a “personal mobility companion,” the app-based system can estimate travel times, warn of delays, text contacts on your behalf, and even honk your car’s horn or flash its lights for you.

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Good point
Caran D’Ache’s stylish set of pencils is delicately fragranced with patchouli, incense and tonka bean.Next time you want to get your idea down on paper, try one of these lightly scented pencils from Caran D’Ache. Working with Geneva-based perfume house Mizensir, the Swiss company has created a set of four pencils whose lacquer is infused with “Tibetan Wood” fragrance, a blend of patchouli, incense and tonka bean. There are four HB pencils in the set, one in western hemlock, one in white oak, one in white ash, and one in silver teak.

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Spirit of revival
Berry Bros & Rudd’s Dry London Gin gets its distinctive flavor from juniper, and a combination oranges, grapefruit, and angelica root from Spain, and coriander seed, and cardamom pods from Morocco.The United Kingdom’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd, has announced the return of its historic own-label gin. First developed in 1909, Berrys’ Best, as its London Dry Gin was known, has been recreated by a team of distillers using a single vial of the original formula dating back to the 1950s.

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