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Design Showpieces for the Perfect Interior

Luxury Defined highlights five creations to bring out the best in your home, from African-inspired wall art to vases that appear to float in mid-air


The most beautiful homes must be dressed with the most stunning pieces. But far from just being easy on the eye, these five offerings exhibit solid craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and innovative technology that will long outlive your guests’ gasps of admiration. 

Luminescent chips in six colors (rose, black, silver, pure white, antique rose, and snow) make up Africa Now’s Pivot pattern. Banner image: BeoLab 90 speaker.Out of Africa
Tipping its hat to the textile weaves and prints of the continent, Italian tile company Mosaico+ has just launched Africa Now – a range of graphic designs in fancy colorways such as pink and black, or pink, orange, and black. As well as obvious African influences, there’s more than a touch of the 1980s about the colors and styles – which look suitably chic in living spaces, but also make great feature walls in bathrooms and wet rooms.
Price on application 

Elena Salmistraro combines poetry and functionality in her MRND bottle lamps: Dina (blue), Anna (pink), and Maria Teresa (green).Still lights
As their name subtly hints, the
MRND lamps are a tribute to Italian painter Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) and the muted still lifes for which he is famous. “I wanted to evoke the ‘Morandiana’ atmosphere in a union between art and design,” says the lamps’ creator Elena Salmistraro. “Morandi’s bottles were made magical by the clever use of colors illuminated by a soft light,” she says. For her homage to the Italian master, Salmistraro has created bottle-like forms in porcelain and delicate blue, pink, and green glass. €145 each ($164)

A streamlined shape, low mass, and thin sides and base allow the marble Kora bath to retain heat effectively. Ahead of the curve
The kora is a traditional Mandinka harp, constructed from a cut-in-half gourd, and the sound it produces is often compared to running water. It is this, along with the instrument’s form, which provided the inspiration for the
Kora bath, from Kreoo. The tub is hewn from a single lump of marble, hand finished to give a flawless surface, and teams with Kreoo’s Gong washbasin (which looks like a miniature version of the tub). The Kora rests on an iron trestle for stability and elegance, and is available in white, black, or gray marble. Price on application 

The BeoLab 90 is an intelligent loudspeaker that measures the acoustic effects of its surroundings to produce the best possible sound.Sound art
Bang & Olufsen’s new BeoLab 90 speaker not only looks like a freestanding work of art (its complex aluminum casing has a 360-degree design, meaning there is no front or back), it also promises to reproduce the sounds of your favorite bands or films like you’ve never heard them before. As the name suggests, B&O’s new Active Room Compensation technology compensates for the impact furniture and walls can have on sound projection, directing superb tones to your preferred listening position – and “is the future of sound,” according to the company’s CEO, Tue Mantoni. $38,995 

Prior to designing his vases, Carrara native Moreno Ratti created marble benches, bookcases, and room dividers.Clear winners
For his new “
Collezione Sospesa” Italian designer Moreno Ratti has mimicked the little-known practice of coating large slabs of marble in resin to make them more stress-resistant when they are cut into thinner sections. To make the beautiful vases, which appear to be floating, Ratti uses marble that would otherwise be wasted in a production process called coring. The resin, he says, “symbolizes the discarded portions of marble that can no longer contain the forms of the vases.” €1,200-€4,000 ($1,356-$4,520)

Perfect pairings: exquisite lighting for magnificent interiors


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