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How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

Enjoy the spirit of five-star hospitality in the comfort and convenience of your own home by taking some cues from some of the world's finest international hotels


Imagine being able to enjoy the unbridled luxury of a hotel suite every night. To slide between the finest sheets of Claridges, or bathe in the boutique bubbles of The Langham before slinking into a stylish set of custom-made slippers. With a few carefully selected purchases you can re-create the nights of luxury and pampering you’d normally associate with your favorite hotel in your own bedroom.

The mattress: Vispring
Building the perfect bed is an art form, and one that luxury hotels take very seriously. Every year, five-star properties invest huge sums on downy soft mattresses and luxury bedlinen to meet the expectations of discerning guests. For a place of refuge, rest and love, the Vispring promises the comfort of a Shangri-La suite with the support of a custom-made mattress. From the level of tension in the vanadium steel springs to the softness of the wool, cashmere and silk filling, you choose exactly how your mattress is built.

Vispring specializes in a range of bespoke mattresses made using natural materials.The bed sheets: Frette
Favored by Claridge’s, The Ritz and The Orient Express (back in the day), Frette has been the bed linen of choice of the rich and royal for over 150 years. Such is the joy of waking between a crisp pair of Frette sheets that the brand supplies the Italian royal family, and has launched a string of retail boutiques at the behest of their customers. Their success springs from an understanding that it’s the raw materials, and not simply the high thread count, which makes for flawlessly soft sateens and percales.

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The candle: Miller Harris
For luxury hotel groups, scent is as much a part of their branding as the interior décor. So it seemed a fitting union when The Haymarket teamed up with the London-based perfume house Miller Harris to develop their own distinctive Marché au Foin (French for hay market) scent. Including tones of lavender, orange, nutmeg and cardamom, the English-country-meets-urban-sophisticate connotations suit the character of the hotel perfectly, and set an irresistibly relaxing vibe. Re-create the atmosphere in your own bedroom with Miller Harris’s Citron Citron, which draws on the same citrusy notes.

Sicilian lemon, Spanish orange and Jamaican lime form the basis of Miller Harris's warming and luxuriously fragranced range of scented candles.The soaps: Penhaligon’s
Relaxing in a hot, aromatic bath is a pleasure few of us have time to indulge in amid the busyness of everyday life. In a luxury hotel, however, it’s the perfect way to while away an evening. Set the scene in your own bathroom with a set of Penhaligon’s soaps and toiletries. The Langham in London provides each guest with an enviable selection of the luxury perfumer’s wares, including their invigorating Quercus soaps.

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The slippers: Bowhill & Elliott
In keeping with the trend for bespoke footwear, Bowhill & Elliott offer a custom service of handmade velvet English slippers. Established in 1874, when Obadiah Bowhill purchased a Norwich shopfront that still serves as the base of business today, Bowhill & Elliott passed through the generations to become an enduring heritage brand of British luxury footwear that specializes in custom designs incorporating special fabrics and unique tapestry and needlework. 

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