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La Tiara di Cervo: Jewel in the Crown

La Tiara di Cervo sits majestically on the northeast coast of Sardinia and offers residents the perfect combination of pristine nature and luxe living


There are not many areas of exquisite natural beauty in the Mediterranean that remain as unspoiled now as they were 50 years ago, but Gallura – “the land of high ground” – on Sardinia’s northern coast, is undoubtedly among the exclusive few. Protected by conservation laws dating back to the 1960s, this verdant, rocky region has just 150,000 inhabitants yet boasts some 280 miles of immaculate coastline dotted with secluded inlets and pearl-white beaches. Add to that the strict development controls, capping existing buildings at two stories, and it’s easy to see why this area has become the haven of choice for some of the world’s most discerning individuals.

Crafted to work in harmony with their surroundings, the residences feature local stone and lush plantings, mirroring the nearby rock formations.Nestled in the granite hills above the marina of Porto Cervo, the 28 residences of La Tiara di Cervo embrace the traditional character of the area, all the while offering “the spaciousness and splendor of ancient Mediterranean-style villas together with the aura of a small, authentic Galluran village.” The first development of its kind to come to the Costa Smeralda and Gallura in more than 50 years, the architecture by GiovanniMaria Torno embodies the region’s philosophy of building in harmony with nature, artfully blending in with the surrounding rock formations and lush vegetation through a combination of masterful masonry and sympathetic planting.

The architecture by GiovanniMaria Torno embodies the region’s philosophy of building in harmony with nature

Set on a hillside and bringing a new level of luxury to the Costa Smeralda, the residences at La Tiara di Cervo include four penthouses boasting breathtaking terraces.“The ethos is one of integration with the surrounding area,” explains Julia Bracco, director of residential sales at Porto Cervo’s Immobilsarda Srl, an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. “Local artisans worked with two types of local stone, as well as San Giacomo granite and marble, shaping each piece on site and combining them in a way to make them look more naturally sculpted.”

Softening the silhouettes of the buildings and complementing the yellows and pinks of the local stone, vertical gardens also fill the air with the fragrance of lavender, rosemary, and myrtle. “They’re a vital element of the concept and were created from over 60 varieties of Mediterranean plants,” says Bracco.

Customizable interior design concepts create contemporary spaces, while also retaining a connection with the setting.The layouts of the individual garden villas and penthouses, each with between one and five bedrooms and some with pools and Jacuzzis, reflect the same principle that the world outside is to be treasured, as is time spent enjoying it. Each has expansive outdoor spaces for lounging, dining, and entertaining, with most rooms seamlessly connected to covered and uncovered private terraces through a combination of sliding glass doors, and a continuity of materials inside and out.

The residences reflect the principle that the world outside is to be treasured, as is the time spent enjoying it

“In Sardinia you live outdoors for most of the year,” says Bracco. “Even in December it can reach 18°C (64°F) if you’re sheltered from the breeze.” The homes have breathtaking views on all sides – whether over Porto Cervo and the islands of the Maddalena archipelago, or towards La Tiara di Cervo’s own protected nature reserve with wild olive trees, juniper shrubs, and granite formations.

Warm, earthy colors in the expansive outdoor living areas are joined by natural materials that have been given a modern twist.The interiors, however, are as impressive as their surroundings: “We wanted to create a contemporary space without separating it from the context of the setting itself,” says the interior designer Ferruccio Laviani. “So the palette is a blend of warm colors – earthy and sun tones – and we’ve used a selection of natural materials revisited in a modern style, such as lacquered wood, natural juniper, Sardinian fabrics, rattan, and woven cane.”

The landscaped setting provide ample opportunity to enjoy the Sardinian climate and spectacular views, visible  at every turn. La Tiara di Cervo’s design concept is available in two variations: one a contemporary and luminous offering, the second more inspired by local traditions – both versions can be tailored to fit personal preferences. An on-site concierge offers luxury hotel services, from catering and reservations to personal shopping.

The region boasts some 280 miles of immaculate coastline dotted with secluded inlets and pearl-white beaches

For those lured by temptations beyond the elegant iron gates of La Tiara di Cervo, Bracco says the true Sardinian way is to seek them out by sea. “The best way to discover the island is undoubtedly from the water,” she says, “which is why most people here buy a boat. Even in summer you can find an isolated bay, go for a swim then head off to Corsica for lunch or to visit a market, or simply enjoy an aperitivo on board.”
Photography: Christina Bull

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La Tiara di Cervo


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